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javniThe basic life element is  Water.We are not producing the water,we just enable you to have all the time pure fresh water. Our engineers team will consider all your requirements. The filtration is water  leaving out trough the semi - permeable  baffle called filtration media by solid pressure fraction.The filtrated liquid this way is called filtrate,while the solid fractions kept on the filtrated media called filtrated slop.

The well known world  filtration equipment producers as well as partners and the best Montenegrian hotels as clients are real guarantee of our work.


    Fresh water adaptation

According to ISO and ECC  standards, it is allowed the limited lead and hard metal quantity into the water, unfortunately so often the water in our plumbing systems doesn’t consist these elements.

We’ve already known since microscope discovery that in a  glass of  clear water there are a lot of unnecessary particles.By favour of science progress and more efficient chemical analyses we cannot even say that pure  mountain resource water is absolutely fresh. The unfiltered water cannot be compare with filtered water neither the chemical component, quality or taste. Filtering influences very positive by cleaning the water and taking out all filthiness and unpleasant smells and tastes. You can enjoy in such a clean water that is cleared and tasted almost as natural.


    The process of water adaptation

You know almost nothing  about water quality you use as well as about it’s firmness.According to German  solid levels,water is showen in practical table:

to 7°dH
8 to 14°dH
14 to 21°dH
very solid over

The water in our area has firmness between 18 and 22 so it is not strange that water spoils all weak devices which we use each day.This fenomena is a large problem specially on the electric heaters of different devices, into water boiler, washing machines, coffee  and tea machines etc.