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Within our wide Wellness and SPA program we offer you sauna making,turkish bathrooms,hydromassage baths of  a high quality as well  as using high  modern and latest productive technologies.


Enjoy the Wellness!

“Wellness” together with swimming pool and following contents consider relaxing places and mind and body revival – it means “wellness center” which often consists of different sauna’s types, infrared cabins, steamily bathrooms, whirlpools, hamams, caldariums, crystal bath, swimming pools, massage places and cosmetic treatment...


javniDry sauna” – very high temperature(above 90 C),the air is almost dry(relatively wetness 3- 10 %)no watering of volcanic stones.

“WET”  sauna – the classical sauna to where the air temperature is higher then 75 C,and relatively wetness is 20 – 35 % which can be reached by temporary watering of volcanic stones.

Steamily “SOFT” sauna – relatively low air temperature( above 45 C) and relatively high wetness 40 – 65 % which can be reched with constructed heater with water tank and control device which maintains temperature  and wetness into the sauna cabin.

Steamily bathrooms

The steamily bathrooms were well known in an old Greek and Roman civilizations where it had been used their beneficial cpacities.In steamily bathrooms the temperature is 40 – 450 C with maximum relatively wetness of 100%. Such a kind of micro clime has the positive influence on a respiratory systems and the effect is increasing by adding the parfume components which are medical by nature.It has also an influence on rheumatic diseases and if you want your skin looks better then the steamily bathrooms are the RIGHT choice! The warm and full of wetness air is increasing your circulation thereof cleaning and colouring your skin as well!