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People are different.In our high experience we have never made two identical swimming pools – because clients chose their appearance strictly together with consultations with our designers and projectors team. Extricated part of our work we try to place in this internet presentation how we could make it more accessible for better informing to interested people.

Considering swimming pools we may say there is only one limitation and that is  IMAGINATION. So we invite you to imagine together.

We are working on  deliverance and  installation all needed materials for the swimming pools construction with connecting disinfection system and deliverance and servicing of automtical underwater cleaners.
We undertake all assembling works including the equipment deliverance on the new construction or at various sanitation and rearrangement – redesigning of swimming pools all types and sizes.
In a word we are working with all kinds of swimming pools works starting with idea up to the project realization. The sattissfied clients are  THE BEST our recommendation!

Public swimming Pools

javniNo matter of size, shape and purpose each swimming pool used in hotels, public beaches, pansions, wellness and sport centers is considered as a public swimming pool.
The way of this type construction is partly different then the way of construction and projecting of simple swimming pool. Requirements for the public swimming pools depend mostly of filtration ability of the enormous water quantity with capacity disinfection which guarantees us a good water quality into the swimming pools.


Private swimming pools

privatniVThe satisfaction and recreation in water.Skipping and  swimming.Swimming pool dreams become more real then our own toughts.Fashion phenomenon or necessity?Certainly there is a need to run away so often from each day stress cauced by life in general.Thereof the swimming pool became new element of commodity taking care about your health and make you enliven in relaxing moments.

The swimming pool will make your dreams true. The swimming pool construction is not so easy.Lets say the provider of swimming pool and swimming pool’s technics give us the one type swimming pool information that means one way  construction.
It simply is not complete information as there are more kinds of swimming pools as well as more ways of construction.It is very important access individually in swimming pool construction and the type of swimming pool as well depending on desires,possibilities,wishes  and ambience.Each of us choose own type and shape of swimming pool simply following personal needs.

There are swimming pool types setting up with cheaper technics(poliester),and others classical built up(with concrete and slabs).
Poliester swimming pools are in advantage comparing with classical construction.It includes easy and fast construction(assembling).Classical built up swimming pools may be just the way you imagine with  much longer lasting term.
Before decision of swimming pool construction we suggest you to get informations in our company more about advantages and defects of different technics no matter of the way of construction.The other solution is  we could come and help you to make a decision after we take a look at the exact place predicted for swimming pool construction.

    Swimming pool lighting

osvetljenjeConsidering life standard increasing and decreasing the  prices of swimming pool devices,underwater swimming pool lighting almost become the standard equipment. Underwater lighting has absolutely no influence on swimming pool functioning in technical sense but definetly the swimming pool decoration and space around are needed.

Night swimming into the lighted swimming pool make the moments of nice memories. Using modern tehnologies LED,optical lint,quartz halogen light bulb,we are doing that your swimming pools,fountains and their surrounding  have fascinating appearance in the afternoons and evenings.

Optical lints

Fiber Optic lighting system,system of Optical lints today is very safe and available.In general,this lighting system imposed itself in the last few years.
Choosing the optical lint for lighting of  Your swimming pool,you chose the most creative system of swimming pool lighting. You  feel free in creating the lighting of your swimming pool,fountains,wellness centers and their surrounding.It is very important to know what kind of effect you want to make by help of colours  and wish,then you can change it again by choosing a spectrum of colours or simply choose one of the colours.

The lighting of your swimming pool with Optical lints is extraordinary economic as the energy spending is very low.In our offer we have systems of Optical lints which can combine with other kinds of lightings with the same structure.The combination two or more lighting systems of the same structure  caused the increasing effect and allows you the possibility of enjoying in full colours surrounding.By help of our partnership net today we offer the latest products by  the most eminent worldwide producers.


New ColorLogic® LED tehnology combined with microprocessor managing will give to your swimming pool completely other form during the evening. LED tehnology gives the very intensive lighting wide spectrum of colours.

Halogene lightings

Underwater lighting equipped with quartz halogen lighting bulbs which are cooling with swimming pool water and if it is heading the simpliest system is effective and used today in decorating of swimming pools and fountains.

Swimming pool attraction

atrakcije The swimming pools are always equipped with appropriate filtration system and disinfection water system but it may be equipped with different additional systems and mechanism as well.It is very important for hotel’s swimming pools and beachs .As an additional elements so often we find massage system as well as swimming pool systems into the water flow,then water white caps,cascade,geysers,streams,underwater lighting and sounding.

The oposite direction devices

Among all kinds od water effects these are the most built in and the most acceptable by the user with following reasons:
-enabling one place swimming
-enabling an extraordinary body massage
-enabling an extraordinary  sensuous effect

Water massage

By  name those are the devices which help in massage of some body parts using the water power.
The systems mostly consist of two or more nozzles which are placed on the swimming pool wall adapted to the stairs or to the seat-when we talk about sitting massage.In order to reach full effect,it is very important the nozzles position adapted to the user’s needs – as per the nozzles positions  as much as to their number and type.


Foremost the waterfalls have the sensuous validity,some models enable eather the massage so it has a practical validity also.

Underwater swimming pool sounding

For those to whom the music is not enough in each day situations we can assure the music in a very unusual ambient – under the water into the swimming pool blueness where you will be completely separated from the rest of the world. The producers think up the system of underwater swimming pool sounders,and what is also very simple  there is easy way of installing the sounders in already existing swimming pools. The only postulate is that in existing swimming pool you have already built in the appropriate model of underwater lighting.In that case the unterwater sounder built up in  reflector shell with it’s plug cable after previous stripped of  body reflector with a light bulb. The same principle of installing is also for new built up swimming pools,only then you just provide the shell with underwater sounder.

Swimming pool observance

odrzavanjeNo matter if it is small massage swimming pool- whirlpool or Olympic dimensions swimming pool easch  structure requires temporary service and changing old parts of installations,swimming pools pumps or at the automatic centrals of dosing recources for swimming pool observance.

We are working with complete observance of swimming pool technics with all kinds of swimming pools and swimming pool’s systems. In our storage we have most of needed material for pipe installation observance and swimming pool systems which are in our selling program.Except observance we are working also the recovery or changing filtration system,pipe installation with all installed elements of all automatic kinds etc.

Automatic water  disinfection

Considering swimmig pools we may say that taking care about pure clean water is the most important part of swimming pool observance. The regularly disinfection we cannot attain using the  common methods,manual measuring of swimming pool water parameters as well as manual appending of substances for swimming pool observance. For such a tasks it’s been used the automatic device for water disinfection which reached a good result choosing regulary chemicals quality and that is pure and optimal clean water in each moment no matter of number of swimmers in the swimming pool.

Mechanic room

Mechanic room is the space where there are placed the swimming pool devices- filters,pumps,controlling devices,valves etc.With a simple montage swimming pools the filter and pump are often placed near the swimming pool in open air which is not the best solution.
The best solution is when the swimming pool mechanic room is placed into dry covered ambience beside the swimming pool (garages, store, cellar etc) or it is built just the swimming pool technic space(room behind the swimming pool, montage mechanic room etc).

Whirlpool and hydromassage swimming pool

whirpoolThis swimming pool type is very often called “jaccuzzi”.Whirlpools are the swimming pools of the small form as they possess beside the underwater massage device also the filtration system,heating and so often even the water disinfection.Most of models have also underwater reflector of  standard equipment.
Beside  large dimensions those are the very devices which allow longly water observance and present the difference comparing the hydromassage baths in which the water is flowing after each use. Some models are large enough that they can be used for swimming by using the opposite direction swimming devices, that is Spa swimming pool (SPA –POOL).

For the public use the most wanted are Whirlpools with overflow chanel,as it allows the fast change and water discharge trough the filtration device.The water flows from the overflow chanel to the compensate tank and then over the cleaning device returns to whirlpool. The compensate tank made up of polyester of high quality and with the 1.000 l capacity.This tank is compatible for whirlpools with a small  visitors frequency. Regarding Whirlpool it is necessary to make a larger compesate tank which will be adopted to available space measures or just build a classiacal compensate swimming pool.