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Welcome to the WEB presentation of Montenegro Pools company, the member of  Saniteko Group

We would like to present you just a part of our business procedure.We hope you will enjoy looking at the swimming pools photos, fountains and wellness centers as well which we made up, as we have a special access to our work imagining it as some kind of art in which are completely enjoyning all our senses.

You may contact us in Podgorica:

81000 Podgorica, Crna Gora,
Vojislavljevića 40 Street

Tel:   +382 20 643 301
Fax:  +382 20 643 302


Some kind of art in which are completely enjoyning all our senses

As we know the water is a basic substance necessary for human being existence, it exists on the various places and in different forms and it constantly circles in rounds. The enjoying in qualitative water is what we offer trough the construction of luxury swimming pools,fountains,wellness centers as well as the most modern filtration fixture

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